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Introduction   The Ruins   The Build   The Royal Visit

The Chapel Ruin Build

The Altar Wall
The blocks and the buttresses are set out   Now the plinth is in place with all the materials
for the Chapel Ruin in the background
The triple arch window cill is in place and
the flint buttress panels add character
  Ready for the window arches now
C’mon lads, where are the arches…   …here they are fitted and clamped in place
The top arch is safely fitted   Work on the buttresses continues
The finished exterior view…   …and interior
The Gable Arch
The plinth course is down (with the Nave wall in the background)
A.J. dressing the stone   He’s making a great job of it
Those voussoirs are ready to be installed…   The Gable Arch is now complete
The Nave Wall
A dry run with the second course   All of a sudden we’re up to the top jamb
Many hands make light work…   …and get the job done
The view from the outside…   …and the inside
The Crypt
The Crypt will house all the pumps and
filters for the swimming pond…
  …and has to be built as a sunken grave
There’s a gap left for the Capel Crest   Here it is finished
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