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Introduction   The Ruins   The Build   The Royal Visit

The Gateway & Living Quarters Build

The build for the Gatehouse and Living Quarters took place over two years.
In the first year the Gatehouse was really just a gateway and the Living Quarters just
the Bay Turret. In the second year the Tower and the Gothic Arch Return were added.
Also year two saw the addition of a Corner Tower as second remnant of the fortifications.

Laying out the Gatehouse   Built to the top Jamb
The weather turns against us   The door head is now on and the sun is out
All finished for the moment
...until we start on the Tower the next year   Now joined to last year's build
Andy uses his extra height to work on the inside   He's cheating!
Heading for the sky   Some nice detailing on the inside
The finished Tower, inside...   ...and out
The Corner Tower
The plinth and first quoins are
positioned for the Corner Tower
  It soon starts to climb
Did Lee put that head on by himself?   Mike working on the ruined section
The Corner Tower from the outside...   ...and the inside
The Living Quarters Bay Turret & Gothic Arch Return
Mike and Andrew make a start on the Bay Turret   They're making good progress
The Window heads are on   Now it's ready for the Battlements
Nearly there now for the first year
In the second year we adapt the foundations... add the return to the Bay Turret
Gus adds the finishing touches   The finished article
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