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  Tracery Window Specification

Double Light Tracery Window REC6024dl £566.00 inc vat


Double Light Tracery Window REC6024dl £566.00 inc vat

The design for the Tracery Window was inspired by the famous Scissor Arch in Wells Cathedral. This
ingenious arch was designed by 13th century master mason, William Joy, to support the extra weight
of the Bishop's over-ambitiously high tower.

Tracery Window Specification Tracery Window Specification

Single Light Tracery Window REC6024sl £302.50 inc vat


Triple Light Tracery Window REC6024tl £780.00 inc vat

Multi-light windows
With a combination of single, double, left, right, single middle & double middle cills and heads any amount of lights from one to infinity can be catered for. From a Squint to a Cloister, the options are endless.
The Tracery Window
The Cloister Six Light Tracery Window REC6024c6
£1,378.00 inc vat
  The Cloister Five Light Tracery Window REC6024c5 dh
£1,371.00 inc vat
Double height windows
By adding in extra jambs and mullions you can truly achieve The Gothic Ideal of 'height and light'.
Tracery Window Specification
Double Height Quadruple Light Tracery Window REC6024ql dh £1,137.00 inc vat

Please note dimensions shown do not include joints.

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