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Chelsea Flower Show

Hampton Court Flower Show
Elsewhere on this website you can see examples of Chelsea, Hampton Court and numerous
other show builds, not to mention the impressive Old Manor House Garden.

Below are some examples of our recent Folly builds in private homes.
A beautiful Gothic Cloister using random natural stone instead of reclaimed bricks as the walling material
A Folly Wall complete with Antique Gates
The client commented that it was hard to believe builders had been on site as there was so little disruption.
A Corner Arch Ruin in Kent
'The design of the folly is delightful and the quality of the build is outstanding. I am utterly
amazed at how clean everything was kept and with absolutely no disruption to my
garden at all. Redwood Stone's excellent reputation is well deserved.'
A bespoke Facade near Ross on Wye
'You'll be pleased to know that the folly has received rave reviews from everyone who has
seen it and my friend who is a Landscape Designer thought it the best bit of the garden!
A Gateway and Chelsea Ruin - variations on the theme
'We are extremely happy with what has been built and also with the team that were on site.'
A.J., Dave and Lee
Three Follies in a row
'There is one word to describe the follies but I am afraid it has been devalued by today's yoof; awesome!'
Mr P Kenny, Milton Keynes
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