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The Castle Combinations have been designed as an inspiration and
template to build a folly - great or small. The examples you see here
can be reproduced stone for stone, or used as a blueprint to
help fire your imagination.

The Corner Wall The Gothic Corner Ruin

The Corner Wall
£1,180.00 inc vat

The Gothic Corner Ruin
£1,680.00 inc vat
  The Corner Castle Ruin
The Corner Castle Ruin
£2,615.00 inc vat

The Corner Arch
Castle Ruin
£3,845.00 inc vat

The Facade Ruin
£4,560.00 inc vat

The Corner Arch Ruin
£3,170.00 inc vat

The Castle Ruin
£5,140.00 inc vat
The Buttressed Castle Ruin

The Buttressed Castle Ruin
£6,495.00 inc vat
Please note dimensions shown do not include joints.

Standard design prices include stone components and reclaimed hand-made bricks, but exclude delivery, construction and extras

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